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In September 2017 I collaborated with my 16 year old son Tettey Tetteh (aka Leno TK - @lenotkofficial) on a multimedia installation entitled Morphogenic.

Morphogenic is a personality theory (Gordon Allport) which uses an individual's letters and drawings to reveal patterns unique to each person. The Living Room explores the patterns unique to my life. As both a public and private space, the living room acts as the arena to invite viewers into my world. It is a place where one shares a public self, but is also a place to retreat to, like a private sanctuary.

To reflect morphogenic theory, I have created a visual metaphor, using the repeating pattern of wallpaper. In the center of this room filled with colour and pattern, is a white piano stool. It symbolizes the seat of the soul, where clarity and quiet exist, surrounded by the visual complexity of the wallpaper.

A past form of creative expression, music and sound is an integral part of my room. Leno TK created a soundscape based on his interpretation of my life as a visual artist. He also incorporated my oldest son Nii Noi Tetteh (aka KJ @prodbykj1) in his composition.

Opening night photos by Keri Knapp