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Krista Stovel

Sweet Decline

Photography, acrylic, wood, cloth, laser copy transfers, beeswax

This old wooden box, my father built to hang his screw drivers, has been sitting in my garage for a few years. After both my parents died in the first four months of 2015 I found items including dolls and photographs, objects from my father’s tool box, as well as his paints, and my grandmother’s journal.

I began by papering the box with photographs of my mother’s dolls and then layered with paint. As the backdrop progressed I embraced the intuitive process and added elements without a plan or formal process. When I stepped back to observe the progress I found that my father had entered my studio and the shrine became infused with his complex energy. This shrine embodies my own artistic journey and struggles with that creative freedom and unique voice I seek with the same struggles that father had as an artist.